Suzuki GSX S750 Vs Suzuki GSX R750 (Full Comparison!)

If you’re looking to buy one of the two 750cc variants of Suzuki, I bet you should compare it first, to look what they’re offering you.

Let’s compare the two sporty and enthusiastic variants one on one!

This article compares “Suzuki GSX S750 Vs Suzuki GSX R750″…

Suzuki GSX S750 Vs Suzuki GSX R750: Comparison Table

SpecificationsSuzuki GSX S750Suzuki GSX R750
Engine749 cc 4-cylinder749 cc 4-cylinder
Max Power112.6 bhp @ 10,500 rpm148 bhp @ 10,500 rpm
Max Torque81 Nm @ 9,000 rpm87 Nm @ 9,000 rpm
Dry Weight215 kg190 kg
Riding ModesN/ADrive mode selector
Traction controlYesYes
Top Speed161 mph189 mph

What Does S & R Stand For?

Talking about the heated one of these two, Suzuki GSX R750, GSX-R stands for “Grand Sport Experimental- Racing”.

So, this belongs to the racing category and has a marvelous approach to racing.

It offers you high torque and high power as compared to its counterpart and could never disappoint you with its ride.

The other variant Suzuki GSX S750 stands for “Grand Sport Experimental- Street Sport”.

To Suzuki, this bike is targeted to experienced riders age 40 and up and could provide street sporting experience with its deadly possibilities and experiences.

What Is The Best Buy?

The best buy among these two is GSX-R750, offering you the best speed, traction control features, standard ABS, high power and torque with a similar rotation paradigm, and lesser weight that makes it enthusiastic and perfect for racing.

Suzuki GSX-R750 is marvelous with its options, fuel economy, and performance deliverance.

GSX-R750 offers you a top speed of 189 mph which is again amazing with the same engine as that of GSX-S750.

The GSX-S750 isn’t the best buy among these two, because it isn’t offering you the best speed, yet it offers you traction control features, standard ABS, considerable power and torque with a similar rotation paradigm, and a higher weight of 215 kg with the street sporty mechanism that makes it enthusiastic and perfect for street sports.

Suzuki GSX-S750 is comparatively low with its options and performance deliverance.

GSX-S750 offers you a top speed of 161 mph.

Which One Last Longer?

Both bikes could easily last up to 100,000 miles or more if they are properly taken care of by their owners.

Suzuki is a reliable manufacturer and globally known for its manufacturing masterpieces.

These two bikes are amazing and none of these two will betray you ever with their riding experiences and response.

When it comes to street sporting and traveling with minimal characters or beating your street partners, GSX-S750 offers you some remarkable numbers and will never let you down in the run.

While the other one, GSX-R750 offers you enormous racing experiences and will drive you further ahead of your opponents.

This is going to last as long as you could wish for with care and handling it with sportive hands.

GSX-R750 is a little higher duty than GSX-S750 and to some opinions, it can last longer.

Which One Hold The Value Better?

Being the Suzuki brand bikes, both these bikes possess a high value in the market and have retained their credibility over the past years.

Yet there might be concerns that which bike would retain its value better than the other.

Suzuki GSX-R750 is the superior one with performance, top speed, and top-of-the-line options that can stay in a better loop than its counterpart GSX-S750.

It offers you much higher torque, generates more power, and delivers more prominent top speed, offers some enthusiastic options, so this might be the top guy to retain its value better than the other.

Buying Parts: Which One Is Cheaper?

Well, nearly the same variants, with little differences and comparisons, these two bikes from Suzuki have almost similar parts, their engines are similar, traction control, suspension, and gearbox are similar.

Yet there are differences regarding power generation, performance deliverance, and sporty look.

Their chassis are nearly the same and both work through the fuel induction system of SDTV fuel system.

Therefore, buying parts isn’t that different.

Despite their similarity, there are differences too.

They both differ with so many things and could only be replaced with their native parts.

Their parts exchanging and replacement cost nearly similar and both don’t offer relatively cheaper options regarding their service parts.

Which One Is Faster?

The one with the racing tag is GSX-R750.

Suzuki GSX-R750 is all about performance, deliverance, and making use of resources with efficient overlook.

So, the point is that Suzuki GSX-R750 offers a marvelous amount of 148 hp with 10,500 rpm, produces a torque of 87Nm with 9000 rpm, and offers you a top speed of 189 miles per hour, which is simply marvelous.

GSX-R750 is made to compete with rivals in racing, therefore, this must be fast enough to beat its rivals and secure top spots.

So, the thing is that GSX-S750 could never compete with the other one in power generation and deliverance as it has got low numbers.

Racing bikes are tamed to deliver more and are built with lighter weight to run faster.

This is also a quality of GSX-R750.

Are Both Models Still Being Made?

These models are still being made and Suzuki recently introduced GSX-S750 in some parts of the world with R750 chassis and terrain.

2020 models showed no contrasting difference rather than the weight and a little difference in shape.

Yet these are adorable but the comfier is R750 which is likely to be given an edge due to its uplifted performance and deliverance.  

You can buy a new one from the Suzuki outlets and other prominent outlets.

Also, there are various used options available in the market that prove to be more useful rather than buying a new one.

What Is The Biggest Difference In Those Two Models?

Some differences might not be noticed by the common man.

But the person who rides often and is a bike racer would quickly notice those hatchbacks.

The front fender for the GSX-S750 is brutal and could restrict your movement and limit your comfort. So, you might not be able to ride for longer runs.

The biggest difference between these two are power generation and operating in pressure situations.

GSX-S750 offers comparatively low power and could reach a top speed of 161 mph, but the counterpart GSX-R750 offers huge power generation and a top speed of 189 mph, which makes it a tough nut to crack.

What Do The Reviews Say?

GSX-S750 owners affirm that it is a solid bike, good for commuting and riding around.

But the main complaint is that the bike gets a bit buzzy at 65 mph.

Although it has the same engine as that of GSX-R750 yet it is high detuned.

They say that the suspension was quite lacking luster.

Nobody has ever said that this is a bad bike but that’s it’s just not a great bike and a bit disappointing.

The riders with GSX-R750 say it is a complete bike with so many options of cruising controls and offers you one of the leading suspensions, traction controls, and engine performance.

With its performance, there comes reliability, serviceability, and the unmatchable experience.

Which One Is Better In Motorsport?

The answer here is too obvious.

Most of us know it very well.

GSX-R750 as its name is targeted to the racing mechanism.

So, with no doubt, this proves to be better in terms of top speed, producing more power and torque, and giving you the controls of everything on and off the racing.

The GSX-R750 could take the fastest lap and could easily beat its rivals.

It is manufactured to give more power to the rider and win those races with no difficulty.

GSX-R750 would offer you a top speed of 189 mph.

It could beat the previous lap records and can beat your rivals with appropriate margins.

So, don’t wait for the time to come.

Just decide and buy your favorite bike out of these two.

Most people prefer to buy the one with racing controls and options, and that is GSX-R750.