Most-Common Suzuki V-Strom Issues (3 Models Checked!)

Designed for adventure riding, the Japanese Suzuki V-Strom motorcycle was first launched in 2002 and has witnessed many generations till now.

From fast lanes to rough roads to hilly terrains to sharp bends, there is nothing that a Suzuki V storm can’t handle. 

This article explains “Most-Common Suzuki V-Strom Issues”…

Are There Any Known Common V-Strom Issues?

The Suzuki V-Strom motorcycles faced many real-time issues in the early stages. But most of them have been resolved by the manufacturers through the introduction of new-generation models. The Suzuki V-Storm 250 is the first model followed by V-Strom 650 and V-Strom 1000.

Nothing is perfect even after any amount of development.

Some of the common issues faced in the V-Strom motorcycles, irrespective of models are:

Clutch Shudder And Idle Hammering

Few riders faced problems with the noisy clutch and juddering.

They observed a little vibration from the clutch at all gears during riding.

Also, the clutch slightly rumbled (made noise) at idle position.

The same is the case of idle hammering.

Some riders complain about heavy knocks through the bike at an idle position.

This issue was significant in the 2005 model.

However, the later generation bikes resolved this issue.

But with the introduction of clutch cover for the latest coming bikes, the issue was mostly reduced-modified clutch basket reduces chatter at idle position.

Possible causes:

The shuddering and noise from the clutches are because of worn-out clutch baskets.

Sometimes there is even a clutch slip due to the sudden engagement of the clutches.

Usually, the clutch baskets start to wear out from 15,000 miles approximately.

That gradually degrades and completely fails at 25,000-30,000 miles.

Is there a possible solution?

To calm down the clutch basket, you can pull in the clutch lever. It quiets the bearings, gears, and other transmission mechanisms.

If not, you can modify the clutch basket.

The latest models of V-Strom bikes come with modified clutch baskets that reduce this issue to a maximum extent.

Clogged Fuel Pump


  • When your engine stalls or sputters.
  • A whining sound from the bike.
  • When you are riding at a constant speed, but you notice a drop in speed in the tachometer, that means the fuel pump is suffering to supply enough fuel to the engine.


  • Dirt and debris collected in fuel filters.
  • Less maintained spark plugs and other components attract rust and dirt in them affecting fuel pump.
  • Some dust particles can enter the fuel tank while filling.
  • While off-road riding, the bike is exposed to high dust particles. Hence there are high chances of them entering the fuel tank.

How to prevent a clogged fuel pump?

You can prevent fuel pump clogging by providing periodic maintenance to the fuel system.

Identify the most vulnerable parts to clog like filters, injectors, etc, and make sure that they are dust-free. Also, never use low-quality fuel. It has impurities and can cause clogging.

Is there a possible solution?

The fuel pump has a high-pressure fuel screen that causes clogging in the fuel pump.

One solution is to bypass the filter and get an aftermarket fuel filter and install it in the fuel line between the tank and injectors.

Sometimes the fuel pump is clogged with the pickup screen and water enters all the other parts.

You have to disassemble the fuel pump, clean it thoroughly and re-assemble it.

Now revive the engine for a few cycles and the engine starts again.

The 3 Most Common V-Strom 250 Problems

Low Power

The symptoms can be:

  • Difficulty in starting the engine.
  • Mileage is low. Acquiring 70mph-80mph is a struggle. But, when you have a pillion rider, the mileage reduces further.

And what causes low power?

The V-Strom 250 model is known as the smallest adventure bike made by Suzuki. It is powered by a 250 cc parallel-twin engine that delivers around 25 hp.

Due to the low power, its mileage is less compared to others.

But it still does the job efficiently.

What are the alternatives?

If you want a high-powered bike, you can go for higher models like V-Strom 650 or V-Strom 1000.

If power is only the issue, you can opt for various modifications to increase the BHP.

Corroded Exhaust Pipes


  • Discoloration or change of color is observed in the exhaust pipes.
  • Overheating of the engine.
  • Reduced engine performance.

Prolonged exposure to moisture and poor maintenance of the bike parts causes corrosion.

After combustion, the carbon from exhaust gases sticks to the rust and builds upon the walls causing overheating of the parts and reduced efficiency.

How to prevent corroded exhaust pipes?

The exhaust pipes are made of stainless steel which is corrosion resistant.

They don’t usually corrode unless they have any unburnt carbon or excess moisture.

Clean the parts periodically. Use an undercoat and wax to protect the metal.

Is there a possible solution?

Use soft scrubbers to wipe off the dirt and rust on the pipes. Use anti-corrosion sprays to protect the part.

Don’t use steel wool to clean as it might embed to the pipe and further increase rusting.

If there are any signs of pitting, more metal has to be removed to clean the corroded surface.

Difficulty With The Seating Position

Though the seating is comfortable for an average-sized person, if the bike decelerates, the rider falls forward and gets on the fuel tank.

This problem can be overcome by modifying the seat or purchasing a sergeant seat.   

The 3 Most Common V-Strom 650 Problems

Buffeting Problem

At higher speeds, or when a heavy vehicle passes by, the V-Strom 650 has shown buffeting and wind blasting issues.

There can be any reason for buffeting as aerodynamics is involved. Even the slightest changes can lead to buffeting.


If the aerodynamic features of the bike and your body match, you experience less buffeting.

At higher speeds, the turbulent wind flows over the bike and hits the rider and his helmet.

It’s quite normal that, when you return home after riding, your body feels tired as though it is beaten by hammers.

How to reduce buffeting?

The buffeting issues can be reduced with the help of windshields.

You can adjust the windshields according to your height so that the wind flows above your head and doesn’t cause any buffeting.

How to solve it?

Modify the alignment of the windshield or get a taller windshield to avoid buffeting issues.

Changing stockout mirrors is another option.

Unmatched Height Issues

The V-Strom 650 provides the most comfortable seating experience for an average-sized person.

But we Americans are usually tall.

The height of the seat is 840 mm.

While short people struggle to flat foot, the taller ones become uncomfortable with the seating.

There are no preventive measures for this issue.

Either get a model that suits your physique or get the equipment to modify the seat height.

Is there something I can do about the seat height?

Accessories that permit us to raise or lower the seat, are available in the market.

You can make use of them according to your necessity and comfort.

 For tall riders, the stockout mirrors have to be large enough to view past his shoulders.

Stator Failure Issues


When there is trouble with the stators, your motorcycle experiences a few symptoms like difficulty to start, a weak running engine, misfiring, and sometimes backfiring of the motorcycle.

Though the above issues are common due to any other failed components, it is better to check with a stator once in a while.


  • Over time, a motorcycle is exposed to different conditions like vibrations, heat, wind, dust etc, which do affect the motorcycle parts.

    A stator can wear out easily if not proper care is taken.
  • When you revive more or turn on multiple accessories like headlights, heated grips etc, more power has to be generated to run all of them at a time.

    Hence, more load on the stator to generate power. Thus the stator burns out and failure occurs.

Best Tips

Never buy an aftermarket stator.

By avoiding high amperages, a stator can last up to 2,00,000 miles, as said by the experts.

Get a new stator if it is burnt out or seek professional help to repair a failed stator.

The 3 Most Common V-Strom 1000 Problems

Front Suspension Issue

When the bike confronts any sharp obstacles or bumps or speed breakers, the shocks are felt by the rider, mainly at the front suspension.

The front suspension issues are caused due to excessive compression damping or over-inflated tires, stiff sidewall tires, and fork stiction.

The suspension components like shock absorbers, bumpers, forks have to be maintained to avoid any suspension issues.

Clean the shock absorber with compressed air.

The bump rubber is to be lifted while cleaning.

The solution to the front suspension issue:

Observe your idle and rider sag.

Check if the front forks sag without any preload.

Hence you are sitting low in the suspension.

Adjust the stock springs to correct the spring rate. Now, look for damping.

The lighter fork oil smoothes the riding. Check for loose fork clamp bolts and tighten them using a torque wrench. 

Charging Issue

The motorcycle doesn’t start.

The headlights become dim, sometimes you observe battery warning lights flash on.

Such symptoms account for charging failure.

One reason can be battery problems.

If not, the problem is in the stator, or else the magnets might have broken or fallen off from the flywheel.

Good maintenance helps to prevent such issues.

Also, it’s not advisable to buy aftermarket components without verifying.

Is there a possible solution?

Check with the battery.

Disconnect from the bike and try charging it separately and check if it’s holding charge or not.

If it’s fine then proceed to other issues.

If the issue is with the magnets, take them off the flywheel. Remove the debris or any scales using a file or sandpaper.

After cleaning the magnets, apply weld glue uniformly to the side of the magnets to be attached.

Place them in their position with rigid support to ensure proper welding of the glue and let it dry for a day.

By this time, the issue should be resolved.

The Bike Is Too Heavy

When the pillion rider sits on the back, the lower disc of the bike easily touches roads and speed breakers.

Difficulty in maneuvering at bends and sharp turns, low-speed drivability issues are observed.

The weight of the V Strom 1000 bike is around 456 lbs.

Also, the under-seat tool kit, the top box to carry luggage, windshields, etc, add weight to the motorcycle.

If you have a pillion rider, it becomes heavier.

If you are strong enough to handle the heavy bike, you observe no issue with the bike.

If not, you may lose control over the bike at sharp bends, etc.

The low-speed drivability issues are seen because of the improper air-fuel mixture as they run too lean from the factory.

To combat the drivability issues, use a booster plug. It enriches the air-fuel mixture to a stoichiometric level and hence provides smooth riding experiences even at lower speeds.

To avoid dangers or save riders from getting trapped under heavy bikes in case of any sudden turns, install crash bars and skid pans to the bike.

The skid pan saves the bottom parts of the bike from getting damaged due to impact from the obstacles on the road.

Is Suzuki V-Storm Reliable?

The Suzuki manufacturers have been updating their bikes with the latest technologies in the new models.

The V-Strom bikes offer elegant looks, bright lights, and a massive bike feel with superior performance on any kind of road.

They have the best seating for an average-sized person but can be modified to taller persons with some additional equipment.

If you are an adventure lover, this V-Storm bike is one of the most reliable bikes available in the market.

They also come with an under-seat tool kit to prepare you in any situation.

Under proper maintenance, the bikes provide better mileage.

Some people run more than 100,000 miles with proper maintenance.

Which One Is Best For Beginners?

Of those three models, I would choose the 650 model.

With 650 cc engine capacity and 216 kg curb weight, it gives a mileage of 40-60 miles per gallon.

The Suzuki V-Strom 650 is going to be the perfect choice for beginners and comes under $10,449.