46 US-Made Motorcycles (Do You Know Them All?)

Motorcycle manufacturing is very active in the US and there are currently fewer than 46 different motorcycle companies involved in various aspects of motorcycle manufacture.

Some are generalists who design and manufacture motorcycles from scratch, others specialize in individual components.

Below you’ll find information on the 46 confirmed “manufacturers in the US”…


1. Big Bear Choppers

First on the list is California-based Big Bear Choppers, with their flagship models the FXR, Bagger, Dyna, and Softail.

Besides the complete bikes, they also sell parts and components and have a focus on high-performance on-road machines.

2. Boss Hoss Cycles

Boss Hoss builds both bikes and trikes and was established in 1990 in Dyersburg, Tennessee.

They now operate a 5000-square-foot shop and offer standard bikes, supersport bikes, and much more.

3. Bourget’s Bike Works Inc

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Bourget’s Bike Works handcrafts all its bikes with 98-percent American-made parts.

With three decades of production experience behind them, Bourget’s offers some of the most unique bikes, trikes and ATVs you’ll find anywhere in the US.

4. Confederate Motorcycles

Confederate are known for their extraordinary line of unique and powerful-looking cycles, such as the F-117 Fighter, the P-51 Combat Fighter, the FA-13 Combat Bomber, and more.

The unique looks and irresistible styles have been attracting customers since 1991.

They produce their bikes in Birmingham, Alabama, and deliver across the country.

5. Darwin Motorcycles

Darwin was founded in 2006 by Dar Holdsworth.

They are known for fusing old-school bike styles with modern elements and racing designs to make them more dynamic and powerful.

They operate from their factory in Oklahoma City, OK.

6. Grandeur Cycle

Grandeur likes to make a point about its motorcycles being American-made and made in-house.

They supply certificates of origin for their bikes so owners can know exactly where they’ve come from, which is at their facility in Jonesville, North Carolina.

They also offer parts and services.

7. Harley-Davidson

Born out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Harley-Davidson has few rivals with such global reach and brand recognition.

With well over a century of heritage behind it, it has become one of the most iconic American automotive brands internationally.

They manufacture in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Manaus (Brazil), and Bawal (India).

They started a new plant in Thailand in 2018.

8. Indian Motorcycles

Arguably the best-known American motorcycle brand besides Harley-Davidson.

Indian is headquartered in Minnesota with roots in Massachusetts, Indian is perhaps best known for its Chief, Super Chief Limited, Scout Bobber, Chief Dark Horse, Scout, Chief Bobber Dark Horse, and other iconic cycles.

They manufacture out of their facility in Spirit Lake, Iowa.

9. Janus Motorcycles

Janus specializes in small-displacement bikes that evoke feelings of nostalgia and biker heritage.

Based in Goshen, Indiana, Janus creates all their own bikes in-house, from the frame to the fuel tank, the exhaust system to the leather seats.

10. Motus

Motus is a large company that is perhaps best known for its acquired American V4 sport-tourer motorcycle.

Besides this one, they also have the MST and MSTR bikes.

Their headquarters are in Birmingham, Alabama.

11. Ridley Automatic Motorcycles

Ridley is known for creating unique clutchless and shiftless motorcycles.

They offer both 2- and 3-wheel motorcycles with automatic transmissions.

They operate in over 50 dealerships and 250 service centers. Ridley is headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK.

12. Steed Motorcycle Company

Steed is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and is a builder and seller of classic-style American muscle bikes.

13. Strokers Dallas

Texas-based Strokers operates a 2.5-acre site in Dallas, not only selling custom motorcycles but also selling the well-known Victory Motorcycles.

They also have a well-stocked parts operation, and even their own bar and grill!

14. Ultra Motorcycle Company

Ultra is based in Glendale, Arizona. They specialize in V-Twin motorcycles and have about two decades of production experience at the time of writing.

They are fully licensed, DOT-compliant, and EPA-compliant in all 50 states.

15. Wild West Motor Company

These are cutting-edge American motorcycles, all hand-built in Kentucky and some customized to suit particular needs.

Wild West is a brand defined by innovation and premium quality in every motorcycle.

Custom Motorcycle Manufacturer:

16. Chopper City USA

Florida-based chopper city specializes in licensed and customized motorcycle manufacture and service for the entire US and also for international export.

17. Choppers Inc.

Another Florida-based outfit, Choppers Inc is known in particular for its unique and innovative creations.

The work of its founder, Billy Lane, has been featured in many motorcycle-related publications and broader media platforms.

18. Cleveland CycleWerks

Ohio-based Cleveland CycleWerks specializes in small to mid-sized displacement motorcycles, especially boppers, choppers, café, off-road, and motard motorcycles.

19. Deep South Choppers

Based in Louisiana, the deep south of the country, Deep South Choppers builds affordable custom cycles that are truly one of a kind.

The company is steeped in traditional motorcycle culture but believes in unique and individual creations.

20. Garwood

Garwood serves the North Carolina region with custom motorcycles, as well as pre-owned cycles, accessories, tire kits, custom paint, custom seats, light kits, and more.

21. HC Choppers

Based in the Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. areas, HC Choppers focuses on offering high-end custom bikes that still retain a great number of original features.

They also have competitive warranties on their creations, and even offer Harley-Davidson servicing.

22. Hurricane Cycle

Aptly named for its southwestern Florida location, Hurricane Cycle has been operating since 1996. Besides fully custom bikes, they also do bike rentals, Harley-Davidson accessories, and they even do custom creations of gas tanks, fenders, and other car parts.

23. IceBear Atv

IceBear has a huge range of vehicles in their custom collection, including motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, trikes, street bikes, dirt bikes, UTVs, electric scooters, and even watercraft, too.

They’re a comprehensive custom vehicle manufacturer.

24. Johnny Pag

Originally based in southern California, this creator has since moved their creative side to China, while the bikes they create are still designed in the US.

The bikes are made in China now and are popular in Southeast Asia, especially in Malaysia.

25. Orange County Chopper

Florida-based Orange County Chopper creates their own cycles as well as their own customized motorcycle attire and other gear.

Their most recent creation to be unveiled in 2021 is the Dream Chopper.

26. Precision Cycle Works

Detroit-based Precision Concept may share its “Precision” name with many outlets across North America, but they rightly call this “the original Detroit chopper.”

They develop unique custom motorcycles, all of which are still made in the US.

27. Revolution Speed

The specialty of Revolution is front-running custom motorcycles, with their shop based in Marietta, Georgia.

Their large facility means they can complete just about any production process of their own in-house, easily integrating the very latest technology and production techniques.

28. Spitfire Motorcycles

Spitfire prides itself on unique creations at every level, with no single model they make being entirely like any previous one.

They build frames, suspension, wheels, brakes, sheet metal parts, controls, and other gadgetry entirely in-house in their southern California facility.

29. Stinger Custom Cycles

Established in 2001 in McKinney, Texas, Stinger Custom Cycles is run by husband-and-wife team Dawn and Butch.

Among their signature creations are the 74 Shovel Head, the Biker Build off, Green Buell, Felon, and Dawn’s Custom Chopper.

30. Travertson Motorcycles

Working out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Travertson Motorcycles create custom bikes that are often distributed and sold at Harley-Davidson dealerships, as well as in other outlets across the country.

They develop many components in-house, including their own VROD motor, speedometer, transmission, and wire harnesses.

31. West Coast Choppers

Based near Austin Texas, West Coast is run by Jesse James, who builds custom motorcycles and cars, and is also well-known for his many appearances in national media.

Their main focus is resurrecting classic models and breathing new life into them.

Dual Sport Manufacture

32. Carducci Dual Sport

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, Carducci strives to create perfect custom cycles that feel as comfortable off-road as they do on-road.

Their flagship models are the SC3 series.

Electric Motorcycle Manufacturer

33. Bell Custom Cycles

Bell is family-owned and based in Nevada and is known as the developer of the Brutus Electric motorcycle.

Their range also now includes the Chariot, V2 Rocket, and three variations of the Brutus name.

34. Brammo e-Motorcycles

Based in Oregon, Brammo’s lineup includes the award-winning Brammo Enertia motorcycle and the Brammo Empulse.

It was unfortunately bought out in 2017 and all its assets are now controlled by Cummins.

35. Zero Motorcycles

Founded in California, Zero specializes entirely in the design and manufacture of electric motorcycles both for on- and off-road applications.

Their models are known for being lightweight, efficient, and extremely fast off the line.

Their flagship is the Z-Force electric powertrain.

Motorcycle Engine Manufacture

36. American V4 Motorcycle Engine

Based in Alabama, this company became a subsidiary of Motus (also in the list further above) but is most known for its powerful American-made Baby Block MV4 and the American V4 engine.

37. US Highland

A premium small-displacement engine manufacturer based in Oklahoma steeped in tragedy years ago when their founders were killed in a plane crash.

They are also known for their collaboration with designers in Sweden.

Future products are no longer happening, but you can find their existing models still circulating in the marketplace.

Motorcycle Part Manufacture

38. Progressive Suspension

Founded in 1982, Progressive Suspension is based in California and is now one of the largest aftermarket motorcycle suspension manufacturers in the US.

They supply a huge number of components to a growing customer base for motorbikes and trikes.

Police Motorcycle Manufacture

39. Victory Police Motorcycles

American-made police motorcycles made in the Midwest heartlands of Iowa.

The goal was to create powerful motorcycles good enough for law enforcement.

Racing Motorcycle Manufacturer

40. All American Racers

The bikes here were invented and pioneered by motorcycle racing legend Dan Gurney.

The flagship model is the Alligator which was originally designed to be the perfect racing ride for the taller rider, just as Gurney is.

Trike Manufacture

41. Champion

Having long been considered the leader in the field, Champion focuses on the most popular motorcycle models and converting them to trike and sidecar models.

Their operation works out of California.

42. Cheetah Trikes

The flagship trike is known as the Cheetah Chopper rides with a V8 engine and is one of the most distinctive and powerful looks you’ll find anywhere.

They’re based in Iowa.

43. Darn Fine Trikes

These Illinois-based trikes have become well known and respected for their independent suspension system that uses a differential mounted in a two-piece O-ring-sealed case.

The unique design delivers singular performance.

44. Lehman Trikes

Based in the wide-open spaces of Wyoming, Lehman trikes help to convert big-name cycles like Harley-Davidson and Honda into amazing performance and touring trikes.

45. Renegade Trikes

Trikes designed for safety, comfort, and durability, the company is based in Indiana and has been in business for almost 40 years.

Their best-known models are the Cobra and Ecstasy Trikes.

46. Roadsmith Trikes

Specializing in trike conversion kits and motorcycle to trike conversions.

The company is based in Minnesota.